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From 1987 to the present.

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The year 1966 Yearbook Spanish Banks and Savings Bags is published. For the first time a publication contains detailed information on the financial institutions of Spain. Yearbook began with a report on the Spanish economy in 1965 and then all financial institutions with comprehensive information detailing:


Registered Office, quoted prices, Capital, Board of Directors, balance sheet and income and the different branches both in Spain and extrajero.Para close the publication also exposed the main Spanish companies with detailed information on the same account.

This structure Yearbook remained until 1970. In 1971 he published the Nomenclator Banking and Savings, which already exclusively data bank branches reflected. From 1974 Gazetteer is replaced by the Guide to Credit Union Banking and Savings.

Throughout many years Maestre publisher has been compiling this information guide after guide is important to understand the development of the Spanish Financial institutions and the evolution of our economy.

To retrieve all paper documentation from previous years to the information revolution are scanned and digitally trying guides, one by one.

We currently have available historical files since 1987 until today.

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